Lavender Ombré Cake

 Hummingbird Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Filling and tinted Vanilla Buttercream Ombré Frosting

Double-Layer, 6″ Round

This Hummingbird Cake is simply moist and delicious; the Vanilla Buttercream is a perfect companion to the flavor profile in this cake: pineapple, banana, and cinnamon.

Last week, we were on our morning walk and passed by a store we’ve literally walked by nearly everyday for a couple years now.  Except this time, there was a beautiful, lavender pedestal cake stand in the window.  Later that day, I went back for it and was relieved it was still there.  Ever since then, I’ve been thinking about how to showcase it and work on my frosting and tinting techniques.

I love this cake.  The flavors are spot on and my skills are improving – evenness of layers and filling, manipulating the frosting in a patient way to showcase the gradual change in color, and a bit more straightness in the rows of ruffles.  Nope, it’s not perfect. Yes, I like to practice and improve.

These colors are calming to me and I enjoy looking at this cake from many angles.

Several weeks ago, our oldest son suggested I take most of the props out of the pictures and focus more on the cake.  I’ve been trying that and I like the results.  And, I can’t seem to let go of the flowers (real or silk or sugar).  They add such a dimension.  Both of these flowers add something different to the cake.. the hydrangea is closer in color while the darker mum(?) is more alike in texture. 

This cake wasn’t specially ordered by a client, so I gave it away.

I love that I get to be creative in a medium that is new and interesting to me. 

I love that I have a life worth living and people who want to share their life with me as much as I want to share in return.

My life partner is amazing and our people think so too, read about him here.

I’m about a thousand miles away from where I thought I’d be this time a year ago.  I’m lousy at making my own plans.

Keep coming back, it works if you work it.


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