Raspberry Buttercream!

Lemon Cupcake, Lemon Curd & a fresh Raspberry filling, Raspberry Buttercream, topped with a fresh Raspberry

I couldn’t resist this scrumptious combination again.  These two lovelies are just so good together!

This time, I decided to switch it up with Raspberry Buttercream instead of Lemon Buttercream.  I pressed some fresh raspberries through a sieve as well as some delicious raspberry jam.  Typically, the seeds don’t bother me a bit – however, in frosting, I trend toward smooth buttercream.  That’s a personal preference.

It’s been so hot in Heidelberg (typical this time of year), I’ve opted to begin baking after 10pm when the sun sets and frost in the morning.  It’s the only way to keep the house cool when the oven is on.  And that’s ok.

All together, these cupcakes look like they got the party started!  Regarding the yellow and white cupcake liners… I’m all out of yellow!  How did this happen?  And finding more?…let the search begin.

I love baking and what if offers me.  I get to be creative and silly and try new stuff.  Creating edible art (ok, that’s a stretch I know) has allowed me to look at everyday items in a new way.  The best inspiration from the ordinariness of daily life.  And that’s fun when it happens.  Like this scaled down, ubiquitous shopping buggy…what happens when it’s filled with yummy cupcakes?  Food for thought, eh?

Baking and the joy of living an amazing life.  I am grateful for my life partner, our kids (this one has a blog) who share their journey with us, sobriety, and our ever-expanding community of friends and colleagues.

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