Apple Layer Cake and Cupcakes

Apple Cinnamon Layer Cake and Cupcakes

It’s near the end of June and I’m in the mood for Apple Cinnamon Cake.  I know this is typically a yummy fall dessert, just not today. 

Looking for a layer cake apple recipe is harder than it sounds.  Most recipes call for the cake to be baked in a Bundt pan or in a single layer square pan with the descriptor, “this is a nice snack cake.”  I wanted a layer cake and cupcakes.

Thank you Betty Crocker for giving me a recipe that I could modify.  I added finely chopped apples and tripled the cinnamon and vanilla.  It needs a glaze or frosting to be sweet enough for my taste, though just plain is quite good too.

This test kitchen experience yielded two completely different products.  First, the Apple Cupcake…in all its cupcakey cuteness.  The frosting is a Mascarpone Cream Cheese Frosting, tinted red and quite fluid.  This consistency was perfect for dipping the cupcakes into the frosting.  During the baking process, I stuck a couple chocolate Tootsie Rolls and several green chewy candies in my pocket for melting purposes only.  While the cupcakes were setting up, I rolled out the green chews, used a petal cutter to pop out some leaves, and manipulated a few Tootsie Roll stems.  Voila!  An apple.

This was a first attempt and it certainly won’t be the last.  I hope to dial in the process to make bigger cupcakes with improved consistency.

My favorite secret??  I placed two walnut halves into the center of the cupcake before baking.  The nuts are the edible, crunchy core of this apple!  How fun is THAT?

The four cupcakes (center and right) have the “apple core;” the others don’t.  This is what the Test Kitchen is all about.
Totally switching gears…
The Apple Cake… I wanted it to be a special, presentation cake.  I chose blue because I like blue.  I considered a red ombre, but it would have looked mostly like a pink cake and I wasn’t in a pink mood.
The first layer of ruffles is on…


This was a new technique for me..I’d tried several months ago and it was a mess.  Today I worked on consistency and just gave it another go.  It’s not where I’d like it to be, but it’s much better.
Working from the top down meant I could add color as I frosted without tinting too much frosting one shade or another.
Final product for the Apple Layer Cake.  I really love the flavor profile of apples, cinnamon, cream cheese filling, and vanilla buttercream frosting.  Such a lovely explosion of deliciousness in every bite.

This has been a wonderful day.  I got to bake a new test kitchen recipe and take a run at several different types of frosting and decorating techniques.  It’s also been an historic day for American families and what they can look like. 
We all deserve to be loved and to love in return.  And today I did that with apples.

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3 Responses

  1. k. says:

    OH MY GOODNESS. I love that ombre blue! And those apple cupcakes! SO CUTE.

    • Julia Murphy says:

      Did I ever have fun with those?! They each have such a different look and are made with the same batter. Such a visual reminder that the power to be creative does not know boundaries.

      I love that I have this opportunity to stretch.

  2. Your apple cupcakes are too cute!

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