Chocolate Cupcakes and More Chocolate

These chocolate cupcakes were so much fun to bake and decorate.  Looking at a fresh-baked cupcake or a crumb-coated layer cake … it feels like I have a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless.  So this is what unfolded with a late-night batch of cupcake baking.

Some of the toppings I had on hand included: chopped salted peanuts, Hanuta cookies, Snickers bars, Twix bars, Reeses cups, Hershey Kisses, and Ferrero Rocher bon bons.

I had also prepared some dark chocolate ganache, caramel sauce, vanilla buttercream, and whipped chocolate ganache buttercream.

After these were nearly finished, I had a couple cupcakes leftover.  What to do…  And then it hit me, our family motto, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”
Here is … Death by Chocolate Cupcake.
A chocolate cupcake with a ring of dark chocolate ganache…

…a small swirl of whipped chocolate ganache buttercream…

…and a Hershey’s Kiss topper.


These cupcakes were baked for no special reason.  When that’s the case, I look for avenues to give them away.  Fortunately, I know some cyclists that enjoy cupcakes as a post-ride refuel.

I love that I get to be creative.  And I love that my life partner is board with that idea, too.

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