Apple Cake for an Anniversary

Double-Layer, 10″ round Apple Cake, Vanilla Buttercream Filling and Frosting, Salted Dark Caramel Sauce and chopped Toasted Pecans

This was a lot of cake.  And heavy, too.  That being said, this was a special-order cake for some wonderful friends – they celebrated their wedding anniversary as well as a birthday.  How fun is that?!

Having sampled my Apple Cake from an earlier attempt, this cake made it to the top of the request list.  I was happy to bake it for them.  Did I mention this was a heavy cake?  In buttercream alone there is 4 pounds of ingredients.

The caramel had to cover a good bit of geography … and it was fun to work spreading it out evenly and then encouraging a few drips over the edge.  This is definitely part of the fun of baking and cake design.

We carried it over to the party (we never oh so rarely deliver a cake)…my life partner mentioned more than once, “umm…this one is heavy.”  Super.  I love a good piece of cake filled with apples and brown sugar yumminess.

As far as the quality goes…I was happy with the cake but the caramel cooked a bit too long as wanted to crystalize after sitting for a time.  I was very happy with deciding to toast the pecans and chopping just before applying to the cake.

Our friends were happy with the cake and their guests seemed to be as well.

I love that I get to participate in celebrations.  I love that we have friends here in Heidelberg.

[Our friends gave us permission to post a couple snapshots of this cake in the wild.]

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3 Responses

  1. Smaug says:

    That was for us! You are seriously a saint Sis. Murphy! We loved loved loved the cake….and guess what Bryce had for breakfast this morning? A HUGE SLICE of cake! This is the BEST cake in the whole world…..seriously. The best. I love it! Thank you for making our anniversary special

  2. ASmith says:

    Do you have recipe for this cake somewhere?

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