Autumn’s Apple Cake

Triple-Layer Apple Cake with Vanilla and Walnut Buttercream Filling and tinted Marzipan Leaves

It was so rainy yesterday!  The weather in Heidelberg this September has been rainy and cold and unseasonable.  Boo.  This left me inspired to bake an autumn cake…apples are perfect (and I had some in the kitchen already).

I found Martha Stewart’s Apple Cake recipe. I followed it to the letter and was left with three layers sinking in the middle and cupcakes that didn’t rise.  Hot tip: Adjust the leavening agents for next time. 

Nonetheless, the kitchen smelled fantastic and the cupcake tasters determined it was “yummy.”  I’ll take that.

But how to decorate it?  I didn’t want to pipe on buttercream roses so I considered ruffles made of all colors.  But, I wasn’t crazy about that idea for this cake.  It just didn’t seem to fit; I left the layers in the cake fridge.

So I slept on it.  This morning, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this sweet little apple cake.  Marzipan leaves!  Why did this take so long to get to? 

Marzipan paste is readily available in most markets here in Heidelberg (and throughout Germany and Paris, too).  And talk about affordable!  I tinted small chunks (approx. super bounce ball) with Wilton gels: Juniper Green, Copper, Burgundy, & Golden Yellow.  It mixed so easily and was super easy to blend and press for the cutouts.  I was happy with the results for these new cutters and size of decorations.

Yep, that’s my big thumb impression in the Marzipan.  I only used about half this 200g brick for all the leaves.


After letting them set for a wee bit, I put a final coat of buttercream on the cake and simply applied the leaves.  This is where what I see in my head doesn’t match with what I produced.  It looks … nice. 


I wish it was super stylish and professional.  But, for the home baker – I’ll take it!  Especially since this is a new cake design, etc.  Next time I hope to design the flow of leaves in a more artistic fashion.

I love that I get to new baking and decorating techniques.  I am so grateful to have the support of my life partner, family, and dear friends.  Love this little Apple Cake.

Aaahhh… the curse of the sunken layers.  Who loves buttercream?

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