Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcake hosting a Cherry Pie Filling center and Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream topped with a Delicious Cherry

This is a cupcake I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  In fact, several friends have been asking me to bake this personal favorite.  I’ve been reluctant to give it a go since cherry season has passed and I’m not too keen on using canned pie filling with sooo much sugar.

Good news!  Recently we were at the commissary and I found this lovely compromise: no high fructose corn syrup and lots of fruit.  Ok.  I accept this. 

After baking and cooling my favorite chocolate cupcake, I cored the center and filled it with one to two cherries plus a wee bit of syrup.  They looked so delectable!

Since I didn’t know which frosting technique would be best, I tried three different piping tips.  My go-to favorite is the Wilton 1M open star tip.  I love the way it looks: it’s a classic and makes nice little drip troughs for the cherry syrup. 

The Wilton 1A open round tip is another favorite – my unevenness in circling the cupcake is more apparent with this tip, but sometimes I get things really even.  I like the way the syrup drips down the side as well.  Hot tip: Be careful when using this tip with medium to light brown chocolate buttercream.  Think about it.

The Wilton 2D closed star tip is one I use less frequently, but I do enjoy the curleycue (sp) design it provides.  Today, the frosting wasn’t very stiff, so the closed star tip just made things look flat.  So I rejected it.

And the chocolate…I was concerned the cherry and drippy goodness wouldn’t be visible with the darker background, but I think they’re just fine.

Setting up for the photographs is still a challenge for me, especially when it comes to snapping pictures of cupcakes.  I don’t know which stands to use, how to arrange, what color plates, etc.  I’m still trying and learning.

Recently, I’ve added an angled shot.  I think it’s growing on me.

I can’t resist adding a bow…or a flower bigger than a cupcake. 

We took a few to some friends.  And they enjoyed eating them.  It’s a great Tuesday.

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