Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

7-Up Cupcakes with Lime Buttercream and a fresh Bing Cherry & slice of Lime

This morning I woke up and couldn’t stop thinking of a 7-Up Cake.  I baked one last year and wanted to revisit its deliciousness.

I’ve also been looking at a handful of cherries for a good part of this week… “What am I going to do with you?”

Ok.  Combining these two flavors seems like a perfect pairing since a wonderful summertime Limeade or Lemonade can really hit the spot.

Right away I ran into a roadblock… I hadn’t posted my recipe that I used last year.  So, I dug through my old notes and found the recipe I originally used – but failed to write down my changes.  I had to make adaptations the last time since I had baked a layer cake and not a pound cake/Bundt cake.  Gaahhh!  So, most of the morning was figuring out a recipe based on the clues I left in this post, My Cake Looks Like a Hat.

The cupcakes went together like this.

There’s lemon zest in the cupcake batter and lime zest in the buttercream.  I couldn’t remember how much the layer cake had risen when I baked it last year, so I had to wait until the first batch was done and out of the oven to determine the fill limit – these didn’t rise much, as the snapshots indicate.

I wanted to use the cherries… and I wanted to use the strawberries.  I drizzled some white chocolate tinted with green gel.  I’d have preferred using green candy melts, but I didn’t have any in that color in my cupboard. 

I do love the look of these cupcakes.  And, as I’ve mentioned before… I need a food stylist!

It was a great day to bake, decorate, and share with friends.  None of it is possible without my life partner and his continued support.  Sobriety brings gratitude.
“…I can’t think my way into new actions, I need to act my way into new thinking.”
A New Pair of Glasses
Chuck C.

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  1. evie says:

    I HAVE TO TELL YOU….you don’t need a food stylist you should be one….I Adore the look of your cakes they are perfect!!! I cant wait to try some of your recipes 😉
    check me out….
    Thanks for sharing!

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