Rain and Strawberries

Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberry Cream Cheese filling, frosted with Chocolate Ganache and a swirl of Cream Cheese Buttercream, topped with a single, whole Strawberry.

Yesterday during my daily walk (I almost always stop to see friends as well as pop in at the grocery for fresh lettuce for my dinner salad), it was raining in Heidelberg.  Not a downpour, but a nice steady rain.  For some reason this said, “chocolate cupcake” to me.  The three markets I visited were all showcasing the fresh local strawberries that are coming into season.  Ok, I can take a hint.  Chocolate + Strawberry = Classic.

I baked my favorite go-to chocolate cake.  While they were cooling, I prepared a cream cheese and fresh strawberry filling…a simple mix of cream cheese, chopped strawberries, powdered sugar, and a touch of vanilla.  I popped it into the fridge to firm up.  Next, I heated the heavy cream for the chocolate ganache (speeding up the cooking process, I chose the microwave instead of the stove top).  Then it  went into the refrigerator alongside the strawberry filling.  I looked at this and thought, “So many steps and techniques…is this cupcake complicated or am I over-thinking it?”

About 30 minutes later, I cored the chocolate cupcakes with this little gem.  It is a lifesaver!  Also, an adorable friend gave me this gift and now I think of her every time I use it.
After spooning the filling into each cupcake center, I piped on a ring of chocolate ganache and put all the cakes into the fridge for the night.

This morning, I piped on a swirl of cream cheese buttercream and topped each cupcake with a fresh strawberry.

 Hot tip: By leaving the fresh fruit whole, the juice doesn’t run all over the frosting.  This can be unappetizing as well as a fast road to a soggy mess.

I learned that I love when inspiration comes to me instead of me “looking” for inspiration.  When the creativeness isn’t forced – the process goes incredibly easy.  And smooth… like buttercream.

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  1. John Murphy says:

    I love watching the inspiration happen, especially when we’re out on our walks along the river or the Hauptstrasse. These look delish!

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