Blue Vanilla Cake

Triple-layer Blue and Yellow Ombre Vanilla Cake with Buttercream Roses

I know!  It seems like forever since I last filed a blog post…I have been traveling but that’s hardly an excuse.  I have a few baking experiences to share, so I’ll get started.

This particular Blue Roses Vanilla Cake came to me as a direct result of being inspired by the cake stand.  As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to have it (I’m not thrilled when my materialistic side shows up, but this was a cake stand…in blue).

With such an ornate stand, I decided a more purposeful design was in order…this may not be the stand for a rustic something or other.  Working tone on tone is a favorite, so blue was a natural starting place.

I’d love to say I chose yellow for aesthetics, but it’s really because I was tired and jet-lagged.  I didn’t have the energy to separate 6 eggs for the Vanilla White Cake which would produce a lovely white/very light blue top layer…this left the standard Vanilla Cake.  The difference?  The standard cake produces a yellow crumb since the egg yolks are in the batter.  By adding a bit of lemon yellow to the batter, the cake becomes a lovely shade.

Bottom line: it was easier to add color than to take color away.  And, I really love the look of this cake.

Anyway, this is how the Blue Vanilla Cake was constructed.

The dome on the top layer was just a bit too tall, so I sliced it down a smidge.  My intention was for the middle layer to appear more medium blue, but clearly I added too much coloring gel to that layer. I’m happy with the results of the roses.

It does take more time to crumb coat with different colors, but the effect it worth it.  If a rose doesn’t cover every bit of cake..the crumb coat can sneak through.  I’d be upset if I was piping on blue roses and yellow peaked out.

I do love my Fiestaware.  The water carafe and luncheon plate are Peacock; the small Fruit Bowl is Sunflower.  Having a large variety of colors and shapes allows for much creativity.

This cupcake stand is made from an art palette coaster I found at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.  It’s sitting on top of an egg cup purchased at Butlers in Heidelberg.

This slice hints at the attempt at a center layer of medium blue and a bottom layer of dark blue.  Also, the moist crumb is highlighted in this snapshot.  The key to a sturdy vanilla cake with ideal moisture…do not over-stir the batter.  I barely think the word “stir” while looking into the bowl and call it ready for the pans.  Too much air in the batter is the death rattle for this Vanilla Cake.

This season of my life is pretty amazing.  The travel and family and friends and sobriety all make for exciting times.  Mostly though, it would be a black and white world without the technicolor my life partner brings.  #gratitude

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