Chocolate Chocolate Fudge Cake

Triple-layer 8″ round Chocolate Cake with a Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla Buttercream filling, Chocolate Buttercream frosting with a Vanilla Buttercream swirl and Milk Chocolate drizzle garnish

“Chocolate!  I haven’t baked with chocolate in …forever!”

Ok. A chocolate cake seemed in order – but I wanted something more.  Chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream have been my go-to…what to do to shake things up a bit?  Chocolate fudge seemed to be the natural chocolate escalation.

This simple chocolate fudge filling was delicious… chocolate, butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, & milk.

As I was building the cake, I became nervous the filling and the cake would not be distinguishable and might appear just one flat brown image.  I added a thin line of vanilla buttercream to give each layer of cake some distinction.  I want to have the courage to let the filling and the cake stand on it’s own without a contrasting component.  That’s just me being insecure about the final product.

I really do love this fudge recipe and it was so good.  I’m constantly trying to create delicious cakes and cupcakes that I haven’t done and done again.  There are some that are just too yummy to not revisit.  At the same time, I don’t want to get into a baking rut.

I was really happy with the beautiful simplicity of this cake.  On more than one occasion I’ve overdone the decorating and wind up thinking, “I wish I’d have stopped one thing ago.”  This time, in keeping with a chocolate chocolate theme…I stopped just in time.

I do love using my Fiesta Ware whenever I have the chance.

I am grateful for my life partner and his unwavering support of my varied pursuits.

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