Vanilla and Violettes

Vanilla Cupcake tinted Violet with White Vanilla Buttercream topped with a

Violette Sugar Candy from Venice

While in the Test Kitchen working on another project, I took a quick minute to bake these vanilla cupcakes.  Adding a bit of Wilton’s Violet gel was just a fun thing to do. It reminds me of Spring and I’m ready for the weather to become pleasant.

During recent travels, I found these beautiful Violette Sugar Candies – I love’m.  I knew they’d be a sweet little topper on just the right cupcake.  There is something so enticing about lilac, lavender, light purple, etc.  When I see it, I’m immediately excited to work creatively in that color.

With the cupcakes ready for buttercream, I couldn’t decide which type of swirl to make.  My favorite, go-to swirl requires the Wilton 1M Open Star tip but many bakers use the Wilton 2D Open Round tip. I need more practice with the round for consistency…and I do love the swirliness of the open star.

I briefly considered tinting the buttercream, but decided the candy needed something with contrast in order to really shine.

I’m still learning how to set up a cupcake photo shoot.  And sometimes I get too close to the action and can’t tell the forest for the trees.  That plus trying to avoid capturing the cabinets in the picture or the cake fridge.  Nothing says ‘cupcake sexy’ like a refrigerator photo bombing the snapshot.  Thanks goodness Marie helps me choose the best images.

I’m feeling especially grateful that I get to bake for enjoyment.  Also, my family is amazing and they’re pretty terrific cheerleaders.
I look forward to returning to rehab and love embracing this exciting season of my life.


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4 Responses

  1. RoxxStarr says:

    Don’t ever doubt my love for you. Remember, I will honor and adore these three most!

  2. Pam says:

    So beautiful! The Venetian candy adds just the right elegance and the photos look quite professional to me.

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