Chocolate Cake for Any Occasion

Triple-Layer 8″ round Chocolate Cake with Toasted Pecan and Coconut Caramel Filling with Chocolate and Vanilla Buttercream topped with a Toasted Pecan Garnish

This was a special order cake and I was happy to bake it for this lovely return client.  She was on her way to a birthday.  How fun! 

Always, I put my best foot forward when it comes to cakes that have been ordered.  I want the taste and the appearance to be as delightful as possible.

I loved that the layers fell easily from the pan and were even in height (this may sound simple, but isn’t easy).  Also, the pecan and coconut filling seem to be on target as well.  A quick crumb coat in chocolate buttercream keeps everything in place.

Putting together a fresh batch of vanilla buttercream was done for the final decorations – I wanted some contrast with the chocolate.  I was able to combine more chocolate with the vanilla – the taste is amazing.  Chocolate.  Buttercream.  Caramel goodness from the filling…

Since this isn’t my cake, I don’t take a slice out for the snapshots.  But, I do love the way it looks with the pink roses.  Also, I wish wish wish I could get the consistency just right on chocolate buttercream.  I am finally happy with the flavor, but it still has too many air bubbles in it – hence the oh-so-not-smooth finish.

In the meantime, I’m grateful for all I have and get to do.  Again today when my life partner were out for our walk, I expressed my gratitude for the amazing place we live and that we get to be here together.  It’s a great life.


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