Pink Roses and Paris

Triple-layer, 8″ round Vanilla Cake with Tinted Buttercream Roses

It seems like it takes me forever to get back in the swing of writing after I get back home from a wonderful travel adventure. This week I was in Paris for a couple days.  On the agenda were three important items: find a fascinator (we’re attending a wedding next February), visit with a dear girlfriend as she traveled through, and be inspired by the city.  I scored a hand-made, one of a kind, Parisian fascinator.  When I went to snap a quick picture during the contemplation period, I was told “no photographs are permitted due to the exclusive design.”  Oh, ok. 

I was not able to visit with my friend and her daughters on account their original flight was cancelled.  We were both quite sad, but we’ll keep trying.

Inspiration?  It abounds at every corner.  I love Paris.

I believe I came home with several ideas that I’ll try to translate into a cake or cupcake.  One thing for sure that I noticed:  looking out over the city, I noticed the colors tended toward white, cream, ivory, light grey, etc.  I remember when I looked out over Barcelona – all the colors were some variation of terra cotta.  This is a good start.

In the meantime, a couple days before I left for Paris – I baked a simply delightful Vanilla Cake.  I love the sexiness of a good vanilla cake.  This one fit the bill and I was happy with the results.

This cake came about because I had a vase filled with lovely pink roses.  They were so pretty, I couldn’t help myself.

As I bake for myself, I strive to improve my skills – especially since the basics are critical for success.  Recently, I’ve been working on each cake round releasing from the pan without breakage and even layers.

The colors aren’t a perfect match with the roses – I think there’s more purple in the natural flower.  But, it was good enough…close without going over.  I am happy with the results of the piping – practice helps in this area.

After taking a few pictures with the cut slice, I put it back together and delivered it to our friends at Starbucks.  I just hope they were able to eat most of it and didn’t have too much left over to throw out.

I took a lot of snapshots and got lucky with the dome cover on this cake plate.  I love the cake and the writing are contrasting.

Fun cake. Fun times. Fun travel.

I have a great life – not perfect, but I’m interested in the journey and not so much the destination.  I love my life partner and our life together.

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