Mermaid Sitting on a Rock Cake

Lemon Cake Base with a Raspberry Buttercream crumb coat and tinted Vanilla Buttercream Ocean
Vanilla Land Cake with a Raspberry Buttercream crumb coat and Chocolate Buttercream
Ocean bits of Marzipan, edible Chocolate Rocks

A friend of ours is returning to the U.S. after attending university and working part time in Heidelberg.  Her colleagues wanted to through a going-away party and the guest of honor is nuts for all things Mermaid.  Ok. That’s a good jumping off point.

After taking a look around the internet regarding mermaids and cake, I had a basic understanding of what I wanted to make and an idea of how I wanted the end-product to be.

I wanted a strong base.  Our friend really loves lemon cake and raspberries, so the lemon cake is an ideal structure for supporting the mermaid and land components.  I baked a 12″ round and used the baking core for even distribution of heat.  It worked beautifully and I was happy with the results.

The land was formed from a 6″ round and the top half of the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan.  I baked the cakes on Thursday and put them in the cake fridge overnight.  When I woke up this morning, I realized I didn’t want to pop the mermaid in on top of the land; instead I carved out a small base on the side of the land.  This way, we avoid the doll/dress/cake look.


I added two dowels to the land formation as an added measure of securing all pieces in place.
The mermaid is a Wilton cake decorating doll.  I found it at the Cake & Bake Accessories store in Paris.

Since this cake didn’t come with instructions, I was constantly figuring out the best order of operations for putting this cake together.  Just before taking one step, I had to think ahead a couple more procedures.  It was a big puzzle.  And I really really love puzzles.

The right tools make a difference;  had to use both sizes of off-set icing spatulas.

I’m thinking these swirls look like waves.  And, I added multiple colors of blue for a water effect.

Again, I added supports for the additional weight.

I’m happy with the results.  It still has an amateur look.  But that’s ok.  It’s who I am.  I’m a home baker who finds joy in cupcake and cake decorating.  Almost everything is better with a little buttercream.

Yes, this was the first time I piped a swimsuit top onto a doll with taped up hair.  That’s how we roll in the Test Kitchen.

I traced an outline of where I wanted the fin to rest.

“Now I need to lift her arm in order to get the scales on the right way.”

“…and time for some rocks.”
I was surprised when I was finished.  “Oh, that’s it?”  Yep.  And she was done. 
I’ve been looking online at some of the amazing photo shoots some bakers set up for their finished products.  I’m still taking pictures in the kitchen and I think they turn out just fine.

I also decided to try something a little more fancy and went for natural lighting with an amazing view outside our living room window.  I liked those pictures too.  I’m always learning.

Since this is a cake for an event, no slice.  But I am going to the party tonight and hope to capture a snapshot.
I’m so lucky I get to do this.  And, I look forward to returning to rehab.  I love my life.  And it’s not perfect.

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  1. John Murphy says:

    It was lots of fun watching you go through “the process” with this one, and it looks pretty freakin awesome I think!

  2. Afton says:

    You are just so awesomely talented! I love how you had to make a buttercream bikini top! 🙂

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