White Roses

Triple-layer Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Roses

This classic chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream is simple and at the same time deliciously wonderful.  These flavors are such a natural pairing…it’s a shame I don’t bake this cake more often.

As recently as July I used this cake stand with blue buttercream roses and yet, I was so inspired by the flowers my life partner brought home…I had to make this delightful cake.

I started with three 8″ round layers of my favorite dark chocolate cake.  Filling between the layers is a traditional American Vanilla Buttercream. 

Hot tip: When filling a cake with buttercream, be sure to prepare it quite stiff in order that it might adequate support the upper layers.

Filling and stacking a cake is good practice for me.

Another hot tip: Put the mixing bowl with the buttercream back on the stand…whip in a bit more whole milk.  By thinning it, the crumb coat will be easier to apply.

This cake required a double batch of vanilla buttercream for roses on the side and top.  I prepare it slightly less stiff than the filling – I want to the ridges to hold.

I was happy with the results of this cake.  It’s a wonderfully simple cake that is very delicious.

Shout-out to my life partner.  And our people.

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