Triple-layer Vanilla Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache
Vanilla Cupcakes topped with Vanilla Buttercream, Dark Chocolate Ganache & Mini-Chips

Halloween is on my mind!!  I love this sweet little Frankencake! 

As a cake artist, I feel I have a license to interpret.  Just as I’ve interpreted Vermeer with this cake, celebrated a lovely flower bouquet with this cake, and acknowledged Mother’s Day with this cake… the Frankenstein Cake is meant to be a reminder of his iconic skin tone and unique hair style.

Here’s how this cake went together.

I deliberately left a bit of an edge on the buttercream to offer the idea of an exaggerated forehead.  With the chocolate ganache hair being forced up and over, I kept my fingers crossed I’d like the results.  And it turned out just fine.

I had a little bit of batter left over so I baked a few cupcakes.  This is my version of a Frankencupcake. 

Using a very large open round piping tip, I swirled on the buttercream.  Using a small off-set spatula, I gently applied a small amount of chocolate ganache to the top of the cupcake.  I turned the cupcake upside down into a small bowl of Nestle mini-morsels…this helped flatten the buttercream.  I found these Wilton candy eyes at Cake & Bake Accessories in Paris – I gently pressed the eyes into the buttercream.

I was happy with the results of this little cake.  I think the cake and cupcakes would be welcome on any Halloween Party table.

I’m still grateful for my life partner.  And sobriety.  And our people.

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