La Tour Eiffel Red Velvet Cupcake


We’re headed to Paris for the conclusion of the 100th la Tour de France men’s cycling event.  Today’s cupcake represents that inspiration.

Cycling is one of our favorite activities and attending professional cycling events is pretty jazzy.  Red Velvet cupcakes are pretty jazzy too.

I haven’t worked with chocolate in a little bit and wanted to take another stab at it.  Again, I learned so much about chocolate and chocolate design – I can’t wait to try this one over and over!  The red candy melts held together better than the melted chocolate (I’m still learning).  Next time, I’ll use more chocolate and a larger piping tip (these were made with a Wilton #2).

I wish I could say I intended for these to have an avant-garde/impressionistic look.  Um…no.  It’s just me and my skills in development.  But!  I like’m.  As I studied them, I think I have a way to make them stronger and more consistent.  And maybe keep some of that new-agey, Pompidou look.

Things break apart or melt… and I’m ok sharing that too.

The cupcake is totally scrumptious and the cream cheese frosting is the ideal pairing with Red Velvet.

They don’t look like what I imagined in my mind; they aren’t even close.  They’re sort of in the neighborhood…maybe.  I want to try again and I want them to look like what I envision.  I’m trying to let go of perfection but these look like a first attempt (which is what they are!).

I took a few snapshots this morning before giving them away.  I love that my circle of friends is growing so I have more people I can bug, “I’ve got cupcakes; want some?”  At the same time, I was telling another friend, “I’ve got a great world.”  It’s true.

Gratitude is something I struggle acknowledging – almost certainly it’s my ego.  At the same time, I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I am grateful for this season of my life.


Most assuredly, I am grateful for living a life one day at a time.

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