Vanilla Layer Cake with Chocolate Cheesecake

Vanilla Layer Cake with a Chocolate Cheesecake Middle Layer, Vanilla Buttercream, Dark Chocolate Ganache with Buttercream Swirls and Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

I still can’t believe I get to be creative with some of the most luscious bits of  goodness.

This particular creation was inspired by a cake I baked several weeks ago – chocolate cake with traditional cheesecake.  Why not construct a cake with vanilla sponge and chocolate cheesecake?  Oh heavens… why not?!

This seemed like just the cake to take to a dinner out with family and friends.  I love it when my life partner and I get to spend a wonderful evening with people that know how to laugh and have fun.

How this cake went together…

These are all the components I baked… the 9″ round layers of vanilla cake (with enough batter leftover for a few cupcakes)  and a square chocolate cheesecake.  I was having trouble finding a round springform baking pan when I needed one a few months ago, but there were plenty of square sizes to choose from.  Ok.  I guess.  Upside?  The bits I trim away are always good for taste-testing.

Because the chocolate cheesecake tasted like it needed a bit more sweet, I added a very thin schmear of vanilla buttercream between the layers.  My life partner said I didn’t need to add the sweetness.  Next time, I’ll use 55% chocolate/semi-sweet chocolate or Milka-flavored cream cheese (it’s available in Heidelberg).

After the crumb coat, I’m always faced with the choices of cake decorating!  Here’s a blank slate… now what?   As evidenced by the many blog posts, I love drippy chocolatey things…and swirls.

Unfortunately, I had made a few not-so-bright decisions.  This is a 9″ cake and I’d placed it on a 10″ scalloped cake board. I don’t know what I was thinking.  In really trying to make it work, I decided to keep the bottom edging simple…err… it looks pretty awful.  #epicfail #cakewrecks

Placing the entire cake on my Fiesta Ware Sea Mist two-handled cake plate was a smart decision.  I knew I could work with this size very well.  Again, unfortunately, the smoothness of the buttercream never reached this same level of goodness – I’d just messed with it too much.

These little cookies were soft and chewy and such a fun surprise.  I had baked these the night before.  To get the size I was looking for was harder than expected.  I used the mini chocolate chips to have at least a chance, but it takes surprisingly very little batter to make a cookie the size of a quarter/2euro coin.

I was happy with the results of this cake.  Despite the challenges of working with the cheesecake and the bottom edge and the cake board…it was worth the end product.  The cupcakes are really sweet too – vanilla cupcake, whipped chocolate ganache frosting, sugar cookie, and chocolate drizzle.

I love this little slice of cake.  Our friends seemed to really enjoy it.  And my dude said he loved it. 

My life is great…I get to be creative, I have the support of my people, and my life partner is my biggest cheerleader.  None of it is possible without sobriety.  And I look forward to being back in rehab.

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  1. This looks delicious! May I ask what piping tip you ended up using along the bottom border for that squiggly border?

  2. You are seriously talented!

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