Polka Dot Christmas Fun

green polka dot cake 104 tss
Triple-layer White Cake, tinted Vanilla Buttercream Filling and Frosting with a
Candy Cane Hershey’s Kiss garnish

This little test-kitchen cake was all about me messin’ around in the kitchen.  I was working on tinting cake batter as well as looking for a really wonderful green.  This White Cake is delicious (vanilla and almond flavors) and versatile…it also tastes like every wedding cake I ever ate while growing up in Missouri.

This is a 6″, triple-layer, surprise inside cake.  I’ve baked polka dot before and it’s super fun.  What I hadn’t baked until this effort was a 6″ polka dot cake… and it was just too small for the large dots.  I’ve never considered the ratio of dot size to cake size before.  It was a good discovery I wasn’t even looking to find.

For the polka dots, I use this amazing Nordicware Pop Pan.  I use the same batter as the cake and simply tint it to match the party, event, team colors, etc.  In order to not over-bake the dots, I under bake them (baking for 11 minutes) – they’ll hold their shape and continue baking while in the cake round.

Just out of the pan, the dots have a bit of ‘fringe’ that I trim off with a pair of scissors..

These wonderful polka dots are ready to bake in the cake round.

It’s important to cover the cake pop/polka dot with the remaining cake batter.

Experimenting with color, I matched the vanilla buttercream to the polka dots.

Hot tip: When tinting buttercream, use gel food coloring instead of liquid…this will help prevent the buttercream from separating.

I trimmed away the rough edges of this round for a more wonderfully soft cake bite.

Cake with a complete crumb coat.

I really loved this simple look especially since it’s incredibly difficult for me to edit myself.  And, I just couldn’t help but enjoy the clean lines of this lovely Christmas cake.

I almost stopped here… but added just a bit more color with the Candy Cane Hershey Kisses on a little swirl of Vanilla Buttercream.  I like them both and absolutely can’t decide which I prefer more.

I love time to work things out in the test kitchen and figuring what works and what doesn’t.

I think the polka dots are a bit too big for this smaller cake.  And, I know it still delicious!

What a great day to have time in the kitchen and the unending support of my partner.  And sobriety.

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