Neapolitan Action Event Training Cake

Triple-Layer, 8″ round Classic Neapolitan Cake with Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla Cake with Coordinating Buttercream Roses

A few weeks ago I traveled to Utah to visit our two oldest kids.  However, the primary reason I made a Fall trip to the U.S. was to attend LDS General Conference and the Ordain Women Event planned for Saturday evening, 05 October.  There was protest action event training the night before with a scheduled linger longer afterwards.

Of course I wanted to bake a cake!  And I am nothing but lucky to have an daughter willing to turn her kitchen over to her mother when she’s in town.  I was hardly in the house a few minutes before the ovens were fired up and the KitchenAid plugged into power.  She blogged her experience here.  Interesting note, baking soda and baking powder are not the same ingredient.  Check out her post.

Anyway, this classic Neapolitan Cake is not just lovely, but delicious.  It begins with an 8″ round chocolate layer on the bottom topped with a layer of chocolate buttercream.  Then an 8″ round strawberry cake on top of the bottom layer with a topping of strawberry buttercream.  And finally, an 8″ round of vanilla cake as the top layer with vanilla buttercream.

Not every baker chooses to crumb coat with the three different colors/flavors, but I choose to since I think it’s that little extra step that tells me I am trying my best on each cake.  I love to slice cake; I don’t like to cut corners.

After letting it set up in the fridge, it was time for the roses.  But the buttercream had started to dry just a wee bit.  So back into the mixing bowl with just barely a teaspoon of milk to moisten it up.  It piped on so smooth and creamy.  I was happy with the results.

Getting the cake to the event was a bit of a struggle.  My life partner drives me and my cakes to an event.  This time, our oldest daughter was behind the heavy traffic…that caused many attendees to arrive late.  We weren’t late, but there was much discussion in the car about the smoothness (or lack thereof) of the trip.  I realize it’s often about the journey and not the destination – this time, it was both.

I received a lot of positive feedback and it really did disappear in a matter of minutes.  Occasionally I hear, “Oh!  That’s too pretty to cut.”  Here’s what I know – cake has a very short shelf life.  Cake is meant to be eaten.  I’m happy to make that first slice if that gets people to the plate and fork.

I believe we also took several dozen cupcakes since each cake batter makes a full cake and we only needed one layer.  That was fun too – decorating cupcakes and sharing them with new friends. 

While baking on the road is fun and exciting (fantastic sous chefs!) – capturing quality snapshots proved to be an ongoing problem.  Oh well.  Pics or it didn’t happen!! (even bad pics count)

It was a good evening for both of us.  It was a great action event for Ordain Women.  I am so fortunate to have loving and supportive family members who match their words and their actions – especially when it comes to issues I am passionate about.  I love that I am welcome to bake in the kitchens of family and friends.  Most importantly, I’m grateful for sobriety and my life partner.


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  1. John Murphy says:

    Cake Transport is a skill. Glad this one arrived safely. So proud that you were able to participate with your Sisters and spend time with our Utah based contingent! 🙂

  1. January 4, 2015

    […] several times over.  I baked an Action Event cake that I’ve already blogged about here.  I also baked a Chocolate Cake with Pecan Coconut Filling – as well as some […]

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