Patriotic Polka Dots

Polka Dot Patriotic Cake
Triple-layer, 6″ round White Cake with Blue & Red baked cake pops
It’s the day before we celebrate America’s birthday…and it’s the 5th consecutive year I haven’t been in the States to join in the traditional fun.  If I was going to or hosting a BBQ, I’d bake this cake. 
This morning while we were out for our walk, I was talking about how I wanted this cake to have a different look from the other cakes I’ve been decorating lately.  I dismissed the idea of baking three cakes for a triple-layer – Red Velvet, White, Blue Velvet cake.  It’s gorgeous and delicious, but I didn’t have that kind of time today (we’re taking a 4-day holiday this weekend). 
I’m absolutely in love with the Polka Dot Cake – I knew this would be perfect.  The discussion (or maybe I was the only one doing the talking?) was still about how to decorate the cake.  I was leaning toward reflecting the stripes of the flag going around the cake.. but how?  Ruffles would look great.  Rosettes would work too.  Maybe an up/down, sloppy/stylish swirl?


I’m very happy with the rosettes and look forward to trying the ruffles as well.  The width of the “stripes” is exactly what I was looking for and it was important to begin and end with a red stripe (as it is on Old Glory).  Using the same tip (Wilton 18), I covered the top of the cake with blue swirls.  Originally, I planned to top each swirl with a blue peanut M&M, but I didn’t like the effect.  I had some white icing left, so I added stars.  It totally works.
The process for this cake is the same as what I’ve blogged before… mix the white cake, separate 1c. batter for each cake pop color, tint, bake, and then fill the round cake baking pans evenly.  I placed eight cake pops/polka dots in each 6″ round…and I’m thinking it could have used more.  Maybe?   


I use the NordicWare cake pops baking pan and have had success every time I use it.  I remember when I was pouring the remaining white cake batter into the pans to cover the dots…mmm, I love the aroma of almond and vanilla mixed.  Such a delicious moment.

The moment of truth is when the cake is sliced…

I love the way this cake looks and I’m very happy with how it held together despite the height.  What did I do with this beauty?  We delivered it to our friends at Starbucks…a little bit of America for our mates from around the world.

Today was an excellent day in the test kitchen.  I tried several new design components and it worked out.  It’s not perfect – I’ll aim for deeper blue and deeper red next time.  For now, this is good enough.

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  1. MtotheP says:

    I love it! (I also love your Fiestaware.)

    • Julia Murphy says:

      M – thank you for reading and loving this sweet little cake. And for the record…that is the new Lapis Fiesta Ware dessert/salad plate. It just arrived last week.

  1. March 29, 2016

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  2. April 3, 2016

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