Autumn Deliciousness: Walnut Cake with Apple Pie Filling

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Triple-layer Walnut Cake, Apple Pie Filling, and Maple Buttercream

Continuing with more Fall baking, this little Walnut and Apple Pie Filling cake is perfect for any time of day…including breakfast since Maple Buttercream is involved.

I love combining the wonderful flavors I associate with Fall.  There’s a certain amount of nostalgia mixed with comfort food-ness and the amazing combinations that seem to work so well together.

This how the cake went together…

First, I made the Apple Pie Filling with a brunoise Pink Lady apple; in this saucer is the tiny cubes of one apple.

A very thin layer of Maple Buttercream covers the cake and a low wall contained the Apple Pie Filling.

It’s unusual for me to add filling to the top of the cake, but I thought it would really enhance the flavor experience.  I knew it would be more challenging to manipulate but it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.  Frequently this cake was popped in/out from the fridge to avoid any melting or sliding.  I’m glad I don’t do this often and it is wonderful when I make the time.

The crumb-coat was done!  A little bit of the filling is visible through the top and it will be covered with the final layer of buttercream.

While the cake was firming up, I cored and filled a few cupcakes.  What a wonderful surprise inside this satisfying little treat…walnuts, apples, and maple goodness.

This particular cake stand was too big; the Fiesta Forest Green luncheon plate seemed just right.

Toasted walnuts make all the difference.  If you have the time, pop tree nuts into the oven for no more than seven minutes. The garnish along the base border adds a lovely contrast of dark against light.

I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this photo shoot.  I was inspired by the shapes and lines of the apples and the cake.  Colors include: Vintage Green, Forest Green, and Juniper.

This was a great day and I really enjoyed sharing this cake with friends.  I’m grateful for my life partner and our life together.

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