Vanilla Cupcakes!


paris vanilla 563 tssVanilla Cupcakes, Oreo Cookie Buttercream, and an Oreo

A few weeks ago I baked a big batch of Vanilla cupcakes and decided to design them with a variety of different flavor profiles and looks.  I love that some are bold and others less dramatic.

No matter what, the classic Vanilla Vanilla is always a winner.

I enjoy working with quality ingredients.  These dependable staples can be counted on time and time again… flour, sugar, eggs, salt, butter….

DSC_0129 DSC_0130

I use clear and dark Mexican Vanilla …when I’m not using vanilla beans.

vanilla clear at 30 pct

This pink is so pretty.  Tinting a vanilla buttercream can really turn up the volume on a cupcake vying for the spotlight.

I love the way the blackberry mimics the center of the flower… same color petals/swirl with a dark center.

paris vanilla 526 insta

Vanilla and blackberry is a luscious combination.

paris vanilla 536 insta

Keeping things simple? Try a natural vanilla buttercream with an large open round tip.  This is a go-to favorite.

The Homer Laughlin Fiesta Dinnerware mini-disc pitcher is just the right size to pair with a matching set of cupcakes.

paris vanilla 545 insta

paris vanilla 543 insta

And this Oreo Buttercream was the crowd favorite…I ran a handful of cookies through the food processor and poured the crumbs directly into the prepared vanilla buttercream.  I kept adding until there was just enough crunch!

paris vanilla 563 insta

Even a few cupcakes bring joy.

Joy is certainly what my life partner and I experience.

Happy, joyous, and free describes a sober life.

Our people make me smile when they reach out… it’s magical.

paris vanilla 563 tss


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