White Cake with Raspberries

white cake raspberry swoop 973 tss Triple-layer White Cake, Raspberry Filling, Vanilla Buttercream, and a Fresh Raspberry Garnish

A lovely White Cake, with its flavor profile of Vanilla and Almond, reminds me of the wonderful wedding cakes I enjoyed during my growing-up years in the Midwest.  Receptions in the church basement or the Knights of Columbus Hall almost always featured a triple-tiered White Cake with White Buttercream swirly-Qs and traditional piping patterns.  Maybe there is a return to old-school weddings cakes on the horizon… and I think this cake would fit nicely in that mid-century modern setting.

Every bit of this cake is so very delicious.  With two parts clear vanilla and one part almond, this white cake (six egg whites, zero egg yolks) has a truly scrumptious flavor.  Do yourself a favor and give this cake a try.  This sponge pairs nicely with fresh berries, stone fruits, and jams.

This cake went together very smoothly and I’m totally in love with the color contrasts.

DSC_0857 DSC_0860 Because this was a 6″ triple-layer cake, I only used two scoops of stiff buttercream for the filling.  For an 8″ round cake, I use three scoops of stiff buttercream.


I loved the Raspberry Jam paired with the Vanilla Buttercream for such a fabulous filling.

DSC_0862 DSC_0863 DSC_0864 DSC_0865 DSC_0866 DSC_0868 DSC_0870

Because of the slippery nature of the jam, I had to dowel these layers to keep the cake neatly stacked.


Of course, one day I’ll be able to take a level snapshot of a cake with a crumb coat.  It wasn’t really wonky!  Promise.

DSC_0874The final layer of buttercream always looks a bit rough at the beginning.

DSC_0882I used a 7″ Fiesta dessert plate to get a smooth pattern line for the swoop of fresh raspberries.

white cake raspberry one row 890Ooops…I need to work with more lights on next time.  Also, I remembering thinking… “two rows of raspberries would look better than one.”

white cake raspberry swoop 990 tss

I didn’t have the vision for this cake from the outset, but I’m so happy with the results.  The flavors work so well together and there is something nostalgic maybe about this look.

No matter what, I have my life partner, our people, and sobriety.  It’s all good from here.

white cake raspberry swoop 044 slice tss

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  1. I have watched you make cakes on facebook for quite sometime now, I love your ideas especially when you incorporate Fiestaware to your designs.. I was and I say was a cake decorator for 15 yrs till I had an accident at work to my hand in a large mixer, little to say I no longer do it as a profession, I only make them at home.. I made the pigs in mud cake a while back with the kit Kat bars surrounding the cake check it out on fb.. it was so much fun. I enjoy your designs and only hope that someday I can do this again for a length of time.. it hurts to squeeze a bag these days. but getting better day by day. I do miss cake decorating, this is why I enjoy the different cakes you display thanks for doing what you do for all of us to see and admire. Patti C.

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