Sassy Chocolate Cupcakes

venice vanilla cupcakes 041 tss

Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream and Chocolate BonBons

What’s more sassy than a Chocolate Cupcake with a swirl of buttercream?  I can’t hardly think of a thing!

A few weeks ago, before we headed out on an Independence Day Holiday – I baked a few chocolate cupcakes and decorated to my heart’s delight.

This is how it started.

I’m terrible when it comes to sifting my flour because I just don’t like to take the time.  But, I always sift my powdered cocoa.

DSC_0791 DSC_0797 DSC_0800

I can usually pour 26 cupcakes from my Chocolate Layer Cake recipe.

DSC_0803 DSC_0807

The simple beauty of identical, freshly-baked cupcakes.


The variety of Chocolate Cupcakes begins with Orange Chocolate: a layer of chocolate ganache, orange buttercream, and an orange chocolate candy or cookie.

venice orange choc cupcake 830 tss

DSC_0812 DSC_0813 DSC_0843

Chocolate Cupcakes with tinted Vanilla Buttercream and White Chocolate candy sticks.

venice blue cupcakes 100 tss

Chocolate Cupcakes with Mocha Buttercream and a Coffee White/Dark Chocolate Bar.

venice mocha choc cupcake 971 tss DSC_0880

Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream and a Cherry on top.  I couldn’t quite decided which color was the best complement.

venice nutella cupcake 012 insta venice nutella cupcake 044 new media insta

venice nutella cupcake 989 insta

Finally, Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream.

venice strawberry choc cupcake 863 tss DSC_0865

These cupcakes were just delicious and great fun to design.

I’m so lucky that I get to work with cake and cupcakes.

Sobriety makes so much possible.

And my people are everything.

venice vanilla cupcakes 035 insta

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