Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats!

candy corn 161 tssKellogg’s Rice Krispie Treats

After two and a half weeks traveling and a serious case of jet lag, I might have found my land legs.  And what better way to attack my blog than with…. CANDY CORN!

Seriously, it’s one of my all time favorite food groups.  The honey and that very specific candy corn yumminess is one of my Fall Comfort Foods.  Somehow, the yellow, orange, and white combination inspires many bakers to take up their tinting gels in order to recreate this iconic look.

I’ve interpreted Candy Corn as cake (several times, here and here), cupcakes, and now … in the ultimate no-bake presentation:  the Rice Krispie Treat!  This leaves me giddy.

candy corn cake tss slice 2014 3

Two vanilla cakes from 2013, the first year I started baking.

Candy Corn Cupcakes 2013

Vanilla Cupcakes from 2013… plus mini-cupcakes!







My Halloween guest post at AlwaysFestive, the official blog for HLC Fiesta Dinnerware, features this treat; go take a look!

First step – prepare the pan.  I chose my 12″ round cake pan – it’s the largest I have and when I use it for baking, it barely fits in the oven.  But, choose the size that best suits the number of guests at your party since this recipe easily scales.  I placed a cut round of parchment for the bottom of the pan and smeared butter along the sides.

DSC_0123 DSC_0124 DSC_0125

Once the pan was ready, I guestimated the measurements for the ingredients.  I followed the ratios of the original RK treat recipe and things worked out pretty well.

Using a smaller cake pan to gently press the hot and moldable rice krispies into place makes for a smooth edge.  If already using a small cake pan, cut a drinking glass with a flat bottom to press the cereal into place.

When to add the tinting gel?  I added it at the very last second the marshmallows were melting and just prior to adding the cereal.

DSC_0126 DSC_0127

Originally, I thought there wasn’t enough yellow on the outside ring and then I made too much.  Oh well, next time I’ll know.

DSC_0128 DSC_0129

I prepared less orange in order to leave room for the center.  Working with one color at a time only took a bit longer than usual and it helped me focus.

DSC_0131 DSC_0139

When the pan was filled, I let it set up to room temperature… about an hour?  I wasn’t in a big hurry.

When the rice krispies felt firm, I ran a knife around the edge to loosen it up, then turned the whole pan over onto my largest cutting board.


I was soo happy I decided to use parchment paper for a clean release from the bottom of the pan!


After lifting the paper, I used an amazing device intended to score cakes for equal slices.  This kitchen tool slices for eight portions, however, slightly shifting in one direction and scoring again, produces sixteen (relatively equal) servings.  Perfect.

DSC_0147 DSC_0149 DSC_0151 DSC_0153 DSC_0154 DSC_0155 DSC_0157

I used my largest carving knife to finish slicing each piece.


I really loved this Candy Corn RK Treat project and how it looked on my latest Halloween Dessert Table!

hlc halloween 205

The good news… it was so fun working with rice krispies, that I’ve been goofing around with different shapes and colors that can fit into just about any party or celebration.

I know I have a great life and none of it would be possible without sobriety and my life partner and the love of our people.

candy corn 161 tss

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