Lemony Lemon Cupcakes

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Lemony Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream and Lemon Cookies!

Several weeks ago I was on a self-directed tour of the U.S.  I visited all our kids and made a stop to visit my BFF and my dad.  It was truly amazing and I have my  life partner to thank for making it happen.  He’s terribly generous and knows how spending time with each of the kids makes a difference.

So, I didn’t have a chance to bake while visiting our oldest in San Francisco… we were completely booked with friends, excursions, and events.

Fortunately, I was able to get some baking done at our oldest daughter’s house in Utah… she has some top-of-line baking equipment and a growing collection of Homer Laughlin Fiesta Dinnerware, which means I can design a photo shoot!  In this case, I had access to a Yellow Large Disc Pitcher, a Sunflower Teacup, a Yellow Chili Bowl, and a Turf saucer.

I called our youngest son,

“Sweetie, when I come visit you tomorrow – which cupcakes would you like me to bring?”

“I’d love some Lemony Lemon Cupcakes!”

Ok, then.  That I can do.

With beautiful ingredients, anything is possible.


The dry ingredients were set aside and the KitchenAid stand mixer was put to use.

DSC_0199 DSC_0200

This Lemon Cupcake recipe is especially wonderful… it looks for every possible component to increase the flavor.  I add the zest and juice of two lemons, 1 t. lemon extract, and 500gr lemon yogurt.  We’re talking… lemony.

The batter is thick, so I use an ice cream scoop to fill the cupcake liners.


While the cupcakes were in the oven, I worked on the lemon cookies.  To increase the yellow fun factor, I rolled the cookie dough ball in yellow sugar before pressing flat on the baking sheet.  Warning – cookies that sit atop a cupcake function better when made significantly smaller than usual.

DSC_0205 DSC_0206

The Lemon Buttercream is an ideal choice for this cupcake.  If there’s too much lemon… Vanilla or Strawberry Buttercream are wonderful alternatives.

It’s such a relief when I get to see our people; I miss them when we’re apart.

I’m so grateful for my life partner; he often seems to know what I need before I do.

None of this is possible if I’m not sober.  It’s that simple.

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