Spring Dessert Table

two cakes 198 tss

This collection of cakes, cupcakes, macarons, and fresh fruit would be ideal for any Spring celebration!

The Vanilla Bean with Pistachio filling and Pistachio Macarons was a Test Kitchen cake from start to finish; I blogged about it here.  For the cake batter, I used vanilla beans steeped in whole milk and added all those tiny seeds as well.  The Macarons were also a first-time effort following my baking class at LaCuisine Paris, blogged here.  However, the flavor and texture were really great – especially for a first effort.

The Strawberry Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Strawberry Curd filling is garnished with Strawberry Macarons and Fresh Strawberries, for the step-by-step, go here.  I love the color and the taste of the homemade curd was oh so yummy!

Putting everything together was a terrific exercise in editing.  Since I use a small space by my kitchen window for my baking photography, I’ve “had the opportunity” to be creative – code for make it work!

There was two cakes plus desserts would fit inside this everyday space, so I opted to our largest windows in the living room for their natural light and shadows.  Hot tip:  When hosting parties, don’t be afraid to arrange an additional space for desserts – this adds to the party atmosphere and frees up counter space in the kitchen; I do this every time we host an event.

This is what finding the right set-up looks like (cue some hip/edgy music for a montage sequence)…


two cakes 309 tssI kept futzing around with levels and colors and my Fiesta.  The macarons were sitting on a tall stand, then moved to a shorter stand…


And sometimes I zoomed in…

two cakes 350 tss

And sometimes I removed items…

No matter which set-up I tried, I liked the results.  This is one of the first times I’ve put together a dessert table as fancy and coordinated as this and I had so much fun.

two cakes 139 tss

It’s a great time of year and I’m filled with gratitude for my life partner, our life together, and sobriety; it’s a great combination.

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